Refreshing Falooda

        Refreshing  Falooda – Indian Dessert

Most of the restaurant here in Singapore  have falooda in their menu list. But if I order, they always say ‘ Its not available now madam ‘ like that. Even in north – Indian restaurant. 

Falooda -Indian Dessert

Recently  I tasted falooda in Singapore that too on my birthday visit to Anjappar. But the falooda wasn’t authentic. They added sago instead of basil seeds. No sev also… But ice cream was quite good in taste. They added lots of fruit just to fill up the glass.All other dishes were extra ordinary except falooda. So I was not completely satisfied.

I think I tasted falooda for first time in Chennai while I was working there. Recently when I went to India [last October] I got chance to taste falooda in my home town  and it was just awesome.

Now its summer and I wanted to make it at home and making falooda at home is my long time dream. But that dream didn’t come true becoz of falooda sev. I am not sure where to get it in Singapore and I am not ready to search in as well.. So searched online for falooda sev as homemade and came to know its very simple to make at home.  So made it couple of time at home. Loved it a lot. So here is my version of falooda. You may check out my homemade falooda sev recipe incase interested .Click the link show shown below

Video Recipe - English

Youtube channel - Deeps Kitchen 

Video Recipe - Tamil

Youtube channel - DeepsTamilKitchen



Boiled milk – 1 cup [chill in fridge.
Sugar – 1 ½ tbsp
Ice cubes – 2-3 [ to chill milk even more ]
Basil seeds – 2 tsp
Warm water –  ¼ cup
Agar agar powder [strawberry flavor ] – ½ tbsp
Sugar – 2 tbsp
Water – 150ml
Falooda sev – click here to watch as homemade

You could buy from store and follow instruction as mentioned in package.
Apple and pomegranate – around 2 tbsp each.

Rose syrup – ¼ cup [ adjust according to your taste ]
Almond – thinly sliced – 2 or 3
Vanilla ice cream – 1 or 2 scoops
You may use any ice cream of your choice.

Click here for homemade vanilla ice cream [ No egg and without ice cream maker ]


Mix sugar with milk and add ice cubes.
Add basil seeds into warm water. So that it will double in its volume and become translucent as well. Its ready to use in Falooda
Watch my recipe of falooda sev and prepare. Keep it ready.
Add agar agar powder, sugar and water in pan and bring it to boil. Once agar agar powder and sugar dissolves completely, transfer into bowl and refrigerate for ½ hour. It will become jello.
Chop apple and take pomogranate seeds from fruit.
Slice almond thinly and keep it ready.

Now, take tall glass. You may also use small glass. Simply half the quantity of ingredients.

Falooda Indian dessert

Add half of fruits [ apple and pomegranate ]
Followed by rose syrup, Falooda sev, strawberry jello, remaining fruits.
Pour the milk and add basil seeds ..
Finish with scoop of ice cream, drizzle in rose syrup and garnish with thinly sliced almond on top.
Serve it with Straw and spoon. No regrets..
U will go mad on this dessert  and its best cooler to this hot summer. Hope fully you guys would try and share your feed back.
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Happy cooking !
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Deeps Kitchen .
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