Crispy dosa recipe

Crispy dosa

Dosa is a famous /south Indian breakfast and dinner recipe made up of rice and lentil batter. It is too crispy and soft and even more delicious with traditional sambar and chutney. Not only Indians even foreigners do love dosa. Like we taste noodles from china, burgers and pizzas from western and european countries, they also love to taste dosa because of its crispyness. SO lets see how to make those crunchy and crispy dosa at home.

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Idly rice – 3 cups
Ural dal – ¾ cup
Fenugreek seeds – 2 tbsp

Some people do use aval [poha] or cooked rice while grinding batter. That helps to ferment the batter soon especially if you are staying in cool weather.

But to get really a crispy dosa this Ingredients are enough.


Soak all three ingredients in water for 5 hour and then grind them to thick batter using blender or wet grinder.

Then ferment the ground batter for at least 8 hours. Use a wide opened big vessel for fermenting Since the batter will risen double in its volume.Otherwise your batter may overflow.

Fermenting your batter well is very important to get crispy dosa.

If the climate is hot then your batter would get ferment perfectly. Else it may take time. But 8 hour is maximum.  After 8 hour you could see that your batter must have raised up double in its volume.

Now mix the batter well, transfer it into air tight container and refrigerate it.
Now whenever you want to make dosa, take required amount of batter and add salt to it.

If you have any doubts, do post your comment in my blog. I will share my tips.

Heat the tawa and once it is hot, Pour around quarter cup of batter on to it.

To check tawa heat, sprinkle little bit water onto tawa and if it immediately disappears, then that is right temperature.

Then  spread the batter in circular motion with concave shaped ladle. If you really want a crispy dosa, use concave shaped ladle or flat surfaced silver cup to spread the batter.that helps to spread the batter evenly and very thin. 

More thin more crisp. Add 1 tsp of ghee or oil and cook it till the dosa turns into nice golden brown. 

Then take it out from tawa and transfer to plate.

Reading 10 times is equal to one time visual watching for best understanding. 

Please watch video to know how to get very crispy dosa as we get in restuarants..

Note: If your dosa is thin enough you don’t need to cook both side. One side is enough and your dosa must be crispy. In restaurants also they cook this way only.
Serve it with sambar or any chutney of your preference.

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Happy cooking..

Deepa suresh

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