Valentine's Day Special
                                        Heart-in Cake pops !

          Heart-in cake pops , very easy and quick party snack to prepare either for valentine's day or for your kids birthday party. It is very interesting and fun to prepare and I love the decorating part very much.


If you have ever tried this recipe, then start making it just as a special recipe for valentine's day . It is simply superb and just melt in your mouth. 

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 Basic sponge cake recipe

Tip : You may also use choco chips or candy melts instead of chocolate. 



Crumble the cake using hands and add milk.

Mix well and shape them into balls or use cookie cutter to make your own favorite shape like heart-in, star etc.

Insert wooden skewers or lollipop sticks very slowly into cake pops without breaking and refrigerate for 30 minutes. 

Note : Refrigerating helps to harden cake pops so that it will not break while dipping them in chocolate.

After 30 minutes, melt chocolate using double boiling method. For that, Place sauce pan on stove with water. Ina heat proof bowl add chocolate pieces and place it inside the sauce pan. Wait till chocolate completely melts and take it out.

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Divide into three half and add red and pink colour into them.

Decorate with your sprinkles, grated coconut and colored sugar. Kindly watch video to know how to decorate the cake pops.


Never add single drop of water into melted chocolate, it will chocolate badly and you will mess up the recipe.

If chocolate is thick in consistency, add 1/2 tsp cooking oil or butter to dilute. Dont add too much. Just 1/2 tsp at a time and adjust accordingly.

Melt your chocolate and then take out the cake pops from fridge and immediately start dipping and decorating. If cake pops come to room temperature it will break while you dip.

As soon as you dip in chocolate. immediately decorate otherwise the chocolate will become thick and the sprinkles will not stick properly.

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