Eggless Heart- in Pancake - Valentine's day special

                                Heart- in Pancake 
                             Valentine's day special

If you want to surprise your loved one, you will buy gift or if you want to convey special message, you will send message in mobile or use greeting cards. 

Eggless Pancake soft and fluffy

 Have you ever surprised your loved one with recipe that conveyin g message in it ? Have n't yet ? am I right ?

So today in my blog, I am going to share with you very special recipe with message in it to surprise your soul mate on valentine's day ! It is heart- in pancake. Let get started.

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In a mixing bowl, add all dry ingredients [ flour, sugar,salt and baking powder]. Mix well.

Add melted butter, milk and vanilla essence. 

Tip : All ingredients should be at room temperature. Should not be warm, cold or hot]

Mix well slowly and gently to make lump free batter. Do not over mix it will make your pancake rubbery.

Divide into two and tranfer one half into seperate bowl. Add red food colour and mix well.
Now you have regular pancake batter and red pancake batter.

Eggless pancake - valentine's day special

Heat pan on stove. 

Important : To get golden caramel colour and perfect circle shaped pancakes it is must you should keep your pan at medium hot temperature.

If your pan is very hot, your pan cake may turn dark quickly and you will get uneven shape [ like amoeba :-) ]

Dont apply butter on pan it will change the shape of pancake again.

Pour ladle full of batter over the pan, wait till you see small bubble forms on top. 

Flip to next side and cook for couple of seconds. Transfer it into plate and proceed with making red pancake.

Now cut at centre of pan cake into heart in using cookie cutter.

Exchange heart- in vice vera like red heart- in  in golden pancake and golden heart- in in red pancake. You may watch video for more fun :-).

Now using maple syrup or honey write 'I' on top and 'U' at bottom of plate. Please watch video for better understanding !

Serve it as breakfast to your valentine and surprise him on valentine's day. Make your day more special  ! 

Enjoy !

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