Crispy Onion samosa

Samosa’s are every one favourite I am sure.. Those crunchy crust outside with spicy stuffing inside they are awesome to enjoy as evening snack. 
My whole family is big fan for this samosa and when I had been to India last October, I prepared this on my  younger bro’s request
I prepared around 15 samosa’s for my whole family [ me, my kid, my dad, my mum, elder bro, younger  bro and for my uncle’s son [he was there as guest] calculating two
for each. But sadly it was finished before my dad and elder bro reach house. 

 Hope you guys could understand how much tasty there are J So let get started. Here is the recipe !

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For samosa sheet 

Maida – ½ cup
Whole wheat flour – ½ cup
Salt – to taste
Oil – 1 tsp
Water – as per required to make soft dough.

For stuffing

Onion – 1 medium sized chopped finely
Carrot and beans – 4 tbsp chopped finely.
Coriander leaves – 1 tbsp finely chopped
Garam masala – 1 tsp
Salt to taste.
Oil – for deep frying.

Note :  You may also use paneer,cauliflower,potato, cabbage or scrambled egg or even chicken as stuffing.

Method :

In a mixing bowl, add maida, wheat flour, salt and oil. Crumble the oil with flour. This helps to give super super crispy texture to your samosa’s.
Now add water little by little and make into soft smooth dough just like the way you prepare for roti or chapati.
Knead the dough for 3 minutes and cover with damp cloth for 20 minutes and allow to rest.

To make stuffing mix together all ingredients mentioned under ‘for stuffing’.keep them ready.
In a small mixing bowl,add 2 tsp maida with some water to make paste. This is to paste samosa’s sheet.

After resting dough for 20 minutes, divide them and shape into medium sized balls.
Dust some dry flour and roll them into thin sheets. Ore thin you roll, more crispy samosa’s you will get.

Then heat up tawa on stove and add this sheet. Cook both sides for 5 seconds just to absorb moisture. . Basically there shouldn’t be any moisture, if any ,it will stick so its kinda hard to shape into triangles. To avoid that, we have to slightly warm it up on tawa.

Don’t over cook. Just 5 sec on each side. Immediately take it off from tawa. Do the same with rest of the dough.

Now trim of any excess at sides to get perfect square shape.You might trim them before heat it up so that the trimmed dough can be used again. There will not be any wastage.

But in my case I rolled them in square. So there was no too much wastage.
Now cut the sheets into three sheets. Each sheet should be 3 inches width and 8-9 inches height
I am giving this exact measurement as this help you guys to get perfect triangle samosa’s.

For the recipe measurement I shared in this post you might prepare 10 samosa’s.
 If you wish, you may store this sheets in refrigerator and use with in two days. Else roll the sheets in aluminium foil, and store in freezer. Use it with in 1 month . 

Make sure you thaw them before every use. I will post separate video about how to make homemade samosa and spring roll sheet and how to freeze them for future use. Stay tuned to my channel if you are interested. Simply subscribe to my youtube channel or Like deeps kitchen on facebook.

Now  to know how to shape samosa’s into triangles, kindly refer to my video. You will get best idea.

Deep fry them in oil till you see golden brown colour on both sides and serve it with your favorite sauce or chutney. But actually you don’t need any side just eat as it is . It taste amazing.

Try this when you have some guest arrival or as evening snack with your family and enjoy.

Deepa Suresh
Deeps Kitchen


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