strawberry and mango popsicle

                  Strawberry and mango popsicle

Yum yum yummy popsicle for kid's special in Deeps Kitchen. Yes, my dear friends, here after you will be getting kid’s favourite recipes which are all tested by my sweet little angel Vikashini. 

I know it is really difficult for some parent s to feed their babies or kids healthy food. Feeding your kids with  healthy and nutritious foods are really essential for the development of your kid’s Physical and mental growth at right time. So Here after I will be uploading some of the interesting recipes especially for kids which my kid love to eat.

To begin, Here is my first recipe made with fresh fruits Homemade popsicle with strawberry and mango.

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Strawberry – 10
Mango – 1 big size
Condensed milk – 4 tbsp


Wash your fruits well with water . Remove stem from strawberry and chop them into small pieces.
Cut mango and scoop out the pulp

Add to blender to make smooth paste while blending, blend strawberry separately and mango separately. Don’t add water while blending. It will reduce the taste of popsicle and affect the texture.

Now add 2 tbsp condensed milk to each puree and mix well.
Pour strawberry puree into your popsicle mould . Fill only half and remaining half with mango puree.
Do the same with rest of the puree and finally cover it with lid and freeze for 5- 8 hours. Minimum 6 hours is recommended.

After 8 hours, run the mould under tap water or simply place them in bowl of water for just 10 second. Not more than that .

Take it out and enjoy. !

Tip : TO avoid cold,sneezing or running nose after taking chilled food or sweets in Kids or babies, Give them 50ml of warm water after food.

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