Chappati recipe

Chappati is an Indian flat bread which is made up of whole wheat flour . It is main meal taken by north Indians and famous all over India. Here is the recipe and tips to make soft,fluffy chappti.




Whole wheat flour  -  2 cups
Salt – 1 ½ tsp
Water  - 1 cup or as required to make soft dough
Butter or oil – 2 tbsp


Serves for two persons [6 chappati]
Add flour,salt, water and make a soft dough.
Cover it with cling wrap or plastic cover and rest it for 30 minutes.
After 30 minutes, knead the dough for 4 minutes till they are really soft. There should not be any crack. 
Make tomato size small thumblings.
Using rolling pin , roll the thumblings to get flat circle shape.
Place tawa on your stove and wait till it is hot.
It is must that your tawa should be hot enough before adding rolled chappati.
Once it is hot, add chappati, wait till you get small  bubbles on it top. Then flip it to other side and cook for 20 seconds.
Now flip it to other part again and using your spatula just press on the chappati bubbles.
The chappati would start to puff up.
Once it is nice golden brown, apply butter or ghee and transfer it to hot box or air tight container.

Always stack the cooked chappati one on another and cover it with tight lid. Use hot box or air tight containers. Other wose the chappati’s will become hard and dry.

Follow the same process for other chappati.You could serve it with veg curry or dal and lentil curry or with any non veg curries.

TIPS to make soft,fluffy chappati
Select good quality brand whole wheat flour. If your atta is mixed with maida, your chappati would be chewy.
You could use any one of the following ingredient while kneading dough to get soft
warm water
cold water
Make sure that your dough is not tight. It should be soft.
Knead your dough for atleast 3 to 4 minutes before making chappati.
Roll your chappti evenly to get fluffy chappti. If it is uneven the chappati wont get fluffy.
Make sure that the tawa is hot enough while adding the rolled chappati dough.
If you are really concern about fluffy chappti, here is the secret tip:
After you rest the dough for 30 minutes, keep it in fridge for  1 to 2 hours. Rest it out side for 15 minutes. Then knead it for 3 minutes. Then make chappati. You will get really a fluffy chappati.

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