Chocolate Ice cream
                                                       So Soft and creamy  !!!!!!!!!!!!

Today as a summer special, We will see chocolate Icecream recipe. If you ever wonder  how those store bought Ice cream have that smooth and creamy texture, its probably because of egg and other chemicals they are adding.  

But when it comes to homemade , we don’t prefer to add chemicals in it. Also I don’t like using egg in ice creams. So egg could always be replace with condensed milk. So let me show you how to make soft, creamy and most delicious chocolate Ice cream to treat your taste buds for this summer.

English Video Recipe – Deeps Kitchen – Youtube channel   - Click here for English video

Tamil Video Recipe – Deeps TamilKitchen – Youtube channel

Heavy cream – 200 ml
Condensed milk – 60 ml [ ¼ cup ]
Cocoa powder –  2 ½ tbsp
Coffee powder [ instant ] – ¼ tsp [ optional ]
Choco chips – 1 tbsp or more if desired.
Powdered Sugar – 4 tbsp [blend sugar into powder in blender or use icing sugar ]

For garnishing

Wafers of your choice – 2 pieces .
Strawberry – 2
Choco syrup
Dry nuts or choco chips


Mix condensed milk, cocoa powder , coffee powder together in one small bowl and keep it aside.

Chill your heavy cream in freezer for 10 minutes. You want them to be super cold .
Now transfer heavy cream into bowl and add powder sugar . Mix well.
Using electric whisk, whisk for 2 minutes till it become slightly thick .
Add condensed milk mixture and mix well. Transfer into freezer proof bowl and freeze it for atleast 6 -8 hours until it become Ice cream.

Serve it with some wafers and strawberry and enjoy. This ice cream turn out to be super creamy and soft and just melt in your mouth. Try and tell me how it was.
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