Indian  Special Lunch Menu - Episode 1 god ! finally I am here with Specal Lunch menu video and text recipe. I have been planing to post collection of menu from breakfast to dinner including kid's breakfast and lunch box recipe. Finally I am done. this is my new series on both my blog and youtube channel. 

To be frank, I am really happy to share with you all that I am 
the first person on youtube posting this whole lunch special menu with 6 items with perfect Time planning management.

 In this series you guys would get collection of best combination of dishes which are combined together to make a special meal. Since this is my first episode on this series I start up with special lunch menu. But in the next coming days , we will see simple and easy menu's for day-to day daily life.

you will be getting both north Indian and south Indian menu's from break fast to dinner. Apart from recipe, I will also be sharing some tips and ideas to begin your meal cooking from start to finish, like planning the menu, combining best dishes to make a meal, and finally utilizing eacha nd every minute so that you could finish your cooking quickly. 

This series would be really help ful when you are planing for some special breakfast/dinner or special lunch during guest arrival, special occasions, festive season & weekend etc.. anyday when you want some different but special meal then remember DEEPS KITCHEN and log in . choose your favorite menu and watch the video for planing and

 start making it. :-)

So today menu is my best and favorite menu with 6 items which you could prepare in 1 hour [for 3 persons]

Here is the menu list :

Hot Steam Rice

Potato masala,
Dal tadka [ paruppu kadaiyal]
Vermicelli kheer [ semiya payaasam ]
Papad [ appalam]
Masala buttermilk [masala moor]

Seems very interesting right. I strongly recommend you to watch video for better understanding because then reading, watching makes you to prepare the dish this week end itself :-) :-)

Video For this menu in English

Video For this menu in Tamil 

Here are the link to above mentioned recipes , If you are interested to know how to utilize time for quick cooking, then kindly watch the video.

Potato masala
Dal tadka [ paruppu kadaiyal]

Vermicelli kheer [ semiya paayasam ]

Masala  buttermilk [ masala moor ]


Step 1 

Take rice and dal in seperate bowl , Wash thoroughly and soak in water for 20 minutes.

Step 2

While it is soaking, transfer potatoes into pressure cookware and allow to cook till four whistle.

Step 3

Meanwhile Start preparing vermicelli kheer [semiya payasam ]

Step 4 

By the time you finish kheer, your potato must be done. Transfer into seperate plate. Allow to cool down. 

To the same pressure cookware , transfer soaked dal and add other ingredients . pressure cook for four whistles.

Start making potato masala. peel skin and cut into small pieces. Proceed with making potato masala. 

By the time you are done with potato masala your dal also must have cooked.

Transfer into seperate bowl and proceed with making tadka. Meanwhile remember to transfer soaked rice into pressure cookware so that the rice also would get cooked simultaneously. 

Prepare tadka for dal.

Prepare masala butermilk

Prepare papad just before you serve your meal .

Thats all. Your super delicious special lunch menu is done. Enjoy and thanks for visiting my blog. Stay tuned for more menu's from Deeps Kitchen. 


Deeps Kitchen 

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