Grilled corn on the cob

Beach style Grilled corn which are smokey, spicy and juicy perfect to enjoy for this winter season. Mostly you can find this grilled version of corn in beach in which theyuse charcoal to grill. But todayWe are going to make this tasty grilled corn on stove top.

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Corn – 1
Butter – 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Chilli powder – ½ tsp
Lemon – ¼ size


Pull back the skin of corn and keep it at back to hold while grilling. Don’t remove skin completely.
Switch on your flame and place grill over it. If you don’t have grill still you can directly keep on the stove as well. But take are not to grill too much.
Now start grilling it by flipping for every 4-5 seconds to get even cooking of corn.

Continue grilling till you see they turn  black in colour. Watch video for better understanding.
Once it is done, remove from grill and start grilling next corn.

Once melt butter and apply all over corn using brush.

Then mix chilli powder and salt together and dip lemon in it.

Apply this dipped lemon in chilli powder all over the grilled corn and serve it immediately while they are hot.

These grilled corn is perfectly juicy, smokey and spicy as well and amazing to enjoy this winter season.

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