Whipped cream in just 3 minutes

Whipped Cream

So love to decorate cake or want to make some delicious desserts, then you would obviously need whipped cream. They are always great to go with any salad,dessert,cake or even sandwich between biscuit and enjoy!!! So here is my recipe to make whipped cream with whipping cream in just 3 minutes.

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Whipping cream - 200 ml
Icing sugar - 2 tbsp
Any flavour of your choice - Vanilla, banan,strawberry essence or simply Lemon zest.


First thing, you should know while whipping cream is whatever stuff you are going to use for whipping cream, everything should be very chilled.
So Place the whisk, mixing bowl in freezer for 20 minutes. Keep your whipping cream in fridge and take it out just before you start to whip cream. The whipping cream also should be chilled.

Now take another bowl, fill it with ice cubes. Place the mixing bowl inside this ice cubes [ Watch video for better understanding.]
Add whipping cream and icing sugar into your chilled mixing bowl and start whisking till they form peak.

It will take just 3 minutes for 200 ml whipping cream. Once the cream is thickened and formed peak immediately stop beating and cover with cling wrap, refridgerate. Otherwise it will melt.

Kindly watch video for better understanding.

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Thanks and happy cooking
Deepa Suresh

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