Instant Beaten coffee

                                                       Truely Incredible!

Just like the Filter coffee which is famous from south India, this Instant beaten coffee is famous from North India. Ingredients are all same just like the way we make Instant coffee but there is one extra step to make this extra ordinary flavouful coffee. If you are coffee lover and want to make very creamy and aromatic coffee  dont miss this recipe to give a try.

While I typing this post on my blog, it is almost 1 week I shoot this recipe for my youtube channel and still I can feel the taste of that Incredible Instant beaten coffee. Oh my god  ! Truly incredible !

English Video Recipe – Deeps Kitchen  Youtube channel

Tamil Video Recipe – Deeps TamilKitchen – Youtube channel

You will need 

Instant Coffee Powder - 1 1/2 tbsp
Powdered sugar - 2 1/2 tbsp
Hot milk - 1 tbsp
Full cream milk - 250 ml

Method .

Powdered sugar : In case if you guys dont have access to powdered sugar, just put regular sugar into blender and pulse for 5- times and your powdered sugar is ready to use.

Add instant coffee powder, sugar and hot milk [ 1 tbsp] into tall and deep cup ot stainless steel tumbler. mix everything together and beat it using spoon for atleast 5 minutes till its consistency become creamy.


Yeah ... Absolutely creamy !

I exactly takes 4-5 minutes.

Tips : Use only Instant coffee powder.
           Use only powdered sugar

Important : It is must that you have to use only 1 tbsp hot milk while beating. Adding more milk will dilute the mixture and you will no longer get perfect creamy texture.

This recipe serves 2 coffee in medium coffee cups. Adjust the milk quantity depending on amount of coffee you prepare. But probably it is not possible to prepare more than 3 coffee's because you will need to beat for long time.

After beating for 5 minutes this is how the coffee cream looks like.

Now transfer the mixture into coffee cups, dividing half into each cups. Boil milk until it rise upand immediately transfer into coffee cups. As soon as you add, you will notice that there are bubbles forming on top all because of the aeration that formed while you beaten up.

Mix it well and add some milk froth over it so that it will look more appetizing. sprinkle some coffee powder over it and serve hot with some biscuits or snacks. Just perfect coffee to drink with awesome creamy texture and since we beaten up the coffee powder and sugar, it infused well together and releases lot of aroma which you could notice in every sip.

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