Crispy Oats Dosa

When it comes to dosa, the main ingredient we use is rice. But today, most of us wanted to reduce the intake of rice. So we try different recipes with millets, grains, oats etc.

So if you are preparing oats recipes  like oats dosa, the amount of rice intake should be low. With same quantity of rice, you make oats dosa means there is no benefit. Off course rice is the ingredient that makes dosa super super crispy. So how to make oats dosa with less rice but still crispy and tasty like regular rice dosa. ? Keep reading the post.
In this oats dosa recipe, I have used only 20 % of rice and remaining 80 % I have used mixed dal and oats. They are crispy with nice taste in addition they are healthy too.

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Chana dal – ¼ cup
Yellow moog dal – ¼ cup
Urad dal -  ¼ cup
Idli Rice – ½ cup
Oats – 1 ½ cup
Sal to taste.
Water for grinding and to adjust the consistency.
Oil – to make dosa.


Remember to watch video to hear the crispy sound of this oats dosa !

Take Urad dal, chana dal, yellow moog dal  in one bowl and rice in another bowl.
Wash it with water and soak for 2 hours.
As we have to blend dal and rice separately, make sure you soak them in separate bowl.

Because dal won’t get blend well if added together with rice.

After 2 hours of soaking, add oats to your blender along with soaked dal and blend them into smooth batter by adding required amount of water.

Then blend rice into fine batter.
Add both batter together and mix well.

Allow to rest for 2 hour. Add salt. Mix well.
You could also make dosa immediately but resting is recommended for better texture and taste.

If you want to make for breakfast, prepare batter previous day and refrigerate over night. No need to ferment in room temperature.

After resting for two hours, make dosa.

Heat pan on stove add batter. Spread thinly to get crispier texture.
Drizzle oil  and wait till bottom part become golden brown. Flip it to next side and cook for just 20-30 seconds. That’s all..!
Watch my video if you wanted to hear the sound of crispness. :-) 
Crispy oats dosa is ready. Serve with sambar or chutney and start your day healthy.

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