Cooking utensils for Indian cooking

             Cooking utensils for Indian cooking

Watch video here for better unstanding

Here are the List of cooking utensils for Indian kitchen I showed in this video

Pressure cookware - 3 litre [for two-three person family] - to cook rice,dals lentils, pulavs,briyani's
Lotus steam basket - for steam cooking vegetables, potato, corn etc
Wide opened heavy pan with air-tight lid - big size - 
Medium size pan - two for daily cooking to cook dals,curries,cravies,kormas etc
Sauce pan - to boil milk,mak tea, coffee,boiling egg,vegetables.
Seasoning pan - two different size - to temper or seasoning, roasting spices,dry nuts.
Kadai with deep bottom - to deep fry recipes in oil or to make curries and gravies.
Idli maker - to make idli and iddiyapam
Appam or panniyaram maker - 
Tawa - Cart iron,non-stick and Indolium - buy two tawa's. one for roti,chappati, omlet another one for dosa and uttapam. If you use same tawa ur chappati may come but cannot make perfect dosa's
Griddle - to use on stove top to make roti,phulka,grilled corn,paneer tikka etc directly on fire.
Mixing bowls - Four different sizes from small to big for different purposes depending on amount and quantity of ingredients use.

Spatula and ladles.

Small spoon to serve chutney and sauce
6 different size spatula to serve rice,dals and curries,kormas,to pour batter etc.
Spatula for tawas,
Potato masher
Tong - to flip roti and chapati, to serve noodles, to take vegetable while boiling, to fry papad.
wooden spatulas to use in pans and kadai to stir while cooking.
Ginger grater
Potato or vegetable peeler
wooden dal masher
wooden Buttermilk maker
Grater - to grate carrot,beetroot aaand other veggies.
Funnel - to transfer oil
Measuring cups and spoons
Sieve to sieve flour
Big strainer -  to stain water from noodles or rice or curd or paneer.
Medium stainer - to stain fried food from oil like boondi,bonda

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