Orange Juice

                         Fresh & pulpy orange juice

Juices are also great to take as breakfast especiallly when it is hot and summer. Its always quite easy to buy orange juice from store..But when you prepare by yourself for your loved ones it is always delicious..So here is my recipe to make fresh,pulpy and healthy orange juice...Its fully nutritious and healthy and i bet your family would definitely enjoy and ask for it again and again

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Orange  -  3
Orange pulp - 2 table spoon
Honey  -  4 tea spoon
Ice cubes  -   6


Cut three oranges into half and using the orange press, squeeze out the juice .
Yo can also use electric squeezer.
The  transfer them into glass.
Add your orange pulp and honey into it.
Mix them well. Finally add ice cubes and serve...

you can also store them in air tight juice containers and use them for three days.

Deepa suresh

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