Homemade vanilla Icecream

Homemade Vanilla Ice cream

Ice creams are all time favourite for every one from kids to grown up... Ever wonder how those ice creams are made???Its very easy to make and really great to taste. Here is recipe for homemade vanilla Ice cream with rich soft and creamy texture.

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Whole milk - 1 cup

Heavy cream [Thickened cream or whipping cream] - 1 cup

Sugar - 1/4 cup

corn flour - 1 tbsp

Dry nuts - 1/4 cup [ Cut into small pieces]

Vanilla essence - 2 tsp


Place sauce pan in your stove and add milk and heavy cream.

Once it started to boil, add sugar and mix well till it dissolve.

Take 1 tbsp milk and mix it well with cornflour to make nice paste without lumps and add it to your milk mixture.

Make sure you are stirinng them  vigorously to avoid any lump formation. Using whisk is recommended.

Once corn flour and milk mixture are combined well and dry nuts and switch off the flame.

Finally add vanilla essence, give it a nice mix once again.Transfer it to another bowl. 

Once it is cool, cover it with cling warp and freeze for 6 hours.Make sure the cling wrap is touching the ice cream mixture surface. It helps to avoid the formation of skin or layer over.

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