Kulfi Ice cream

There are so many varieties of ice cream.....But kulfi is something special....because this recipe dont need any whipping cream,egg,ice cream maker ...just take milk,reduced it to half,add flavourings like cardamom,saffron and dry nuts and you are done with kulfi....
It is an traditional indian dessert.


Kulfi Icecream

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Milk -- 2 cups
Sugar -- 1/4 cup
Almond powder - 3table spoon
Bread 1 slice
Corn flour - 1 tea spoon
cardamom  -  one
saffron  --  6
Almonds & cashew - 2 table spoon cut into small pieces

Trim the edges of the bread. then cut them into small pieces.
Add bread pieces, corn flour and four table spoon of milk into blender and blend it to paste.

Place non stick pan on stove and add two cups of milk.bring it into boil.
than add sugar,mix it well.once sugar is dissolved well,then add bread and cornflour mixture into milk. Using a whisk mix it well.there should be any lumps.
Cook the milk for 7 minutes till the milk reduced to 1 cup.
Than cardamom,saffron and almond powder and cook it for another 3 minutes.
Switch off the stove and let the mixture to cool down.
Then transfer the mixture into air tight container or kulfi mould and add almond,cashew nuts on its top or bottom of your preference, cover it with cling wrap
Note: cling wrap should touches the kulfi mixture.
Close the lid and then  freeze it for around 5 hours.
After that your kulfi must be ready.

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Serve it to your family and enjoy......

Deepa suresh

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